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Nissan Rogue

Jeremy Glazer's Wilson Tennis Commercial

Wilson W/ Roger Federer

Jeremy Glazer's Oscar Mayer Commercial National Network Sandwich

Oscar Mayer

TiVo Commercial National Network who is the guy in antennas

TiVo Gets Me!


Audi Q5


Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 4.23.14 PM

LG / Ironman Mobile

Jeremy Glazer Disney Theme Parks Commercial who is the guy in groom National Network TV television

Disney Theme Parks

Burger King National Commercial Chicken Parmesan Sandwich Network Cable who is the guy in

Burger King

Budweiser National Network Superbowl Commercial Jeremy Glazer Wave actor who is the guy in beer


Jeremy Glazer KFC Commercial National Network Double Down Sandwich


Jeremy Glazer Febreze Commercial National Network real people


Bud Light Journey to Whatever Commercial

Bud Light

Miller Light w/ Larry Bird


Honda Super Bowl